Unbelievable cellular purification. Verifiable tracking.

The MarrowXpress™ (MXP™) System defines a new processing standard for isolating and concentrating stem cells from bone marrow aspirate. It is an automated, functionally closed, sterile system that volume-reduces bone marrow to a user-defined volume in 30 minutes. Standard harvest volumes retain over 90% of the mononuclear cells (MNC)1. Self-powered and microprocessor-controlled, the MXP™ System contains flow control optical sensors which achieve precise separation.
  • Ensures consistently high recoveries of mononuclear cells (MNC) in a targeted volume
  • Simultaneously processes multiple bone marrow units
  • Automates the volume reduction process
  • Processes bone marrow without cell separation media or sedimentation agent

Complete system solution
The MarrowXpress™ (MXP™) System includes:
  • MXP™ device
  • Docking station
  • Processing set
  • XpressTRAK™ software
  • Accessories

High yield. Viable cells.
  • Consistently high MNC recoveries and CD34+ recoveries1
  • Precise delivery of target final volume1
  • Reliable collection of all fractions: buffy coat, RBCs and plasma

Uncompromising safety. Quality results.
  • Automated, closed, sterile system
  • Integrated sampling pillows for pre- and post-processing sterile sample collection
  • Low residual red blood cell contamination
  • Unit is self-powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery

Efficient automaton.
  • Simultaneous processing of up to six samples streamlines the workflow
  • Rapid sample separation and concentration complete in 30 minutes
  • Separate collection bags for buffy coat, plasma, and RBCs
  • Reliable and reproducible reduction of initial unit volume to a user-determined final volume

Persistent quality control. Accurate data.
  • XpressTRAK software provides quick and accurate data tracking and documentation specific to each bone marrow unit processed
  • Captures sample processing data for quality assurance and compliance with current good tissue practices (cGTP) and good manufacturing practices (cGMP)
  • Stores processing data in a searchable, sortable database
  • XpressLINK software provides the ability to link data from MXP devices in real time

XpressTRAK data acquistion software XpressTRAK Data Acquisition Software collects processing and system information through a user interface and stores it in a searchable, sortable database.

1Data on file.
Note: The safety and effectiveness of this device for in vivo indications for use has not been established.

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