Company & History

TotipotentRx was originally founded in 2011 in California. The Company is a biotherapeutic company specializing in the development of cell-based therapeutics in the field of regenerative medicine, including endo- and cardiovascular diseases, orthopedic diseases, diabetic foot ulcer and wound care.
Company History
  • 2011 - TotipotentRx was founded in Los Angeles, California
  • 2013 - TotipotentRx merged with ThermoGenesis Corp (Nasdaq:KOOL)
  • 2016 - Published 40-month PhaseI/II clinical date for treating critical limb ischemia
  • 2017 - Received U.S. FDA acceptance letter for the amended Phase III trial design
  • 2018 - New Point-of-Care platform developed by ThermoGenesis, potentially be used for diabetic foot ulcer and other indications
  • 2019 - All clinical assets spun off from ThermoGenesis into ImmuneCyte Inc
  • 2021 - ImmuneCyte Inc accquired Boyalife Genomics Tianjin and its 160,000 sq.ft R&D center
TotipotentRX Cellular Medicine Inc (BVI).
185 Technology Dr Suite 150, Irvine California 92618
Tel : 1 (888) 379-2670